Getting Started

  1. Contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our coaches and a tour of our facility. If you're new to CrossFit, it's a great idea to do this during a scheduled class to observe.
  2. If you would like to give CrossFit a try, let a coach know and sign up for a drop-in class. We will set up a safe, yet challenging workout for you to do right alongside the rest of the class. One of the more elegant aspects of CrossFit is that it can be adapted to any fitness and skill level.
  3. Attend three introductory sessions with a coach, known as Elements. This will introduce you to the nine foundational movements used in CrossFit with attention to technique and safety.



  • Drop-In: $15 per class
  • Monthly: $150 per month
  • 6 Month Contract: $135 per month
  • 15 Class Trial Punch Card: $150
    (Valid for 90 days. No renewals.)
  • Additional Family Member: 10% discount
Youth (Ages 15 and Under)
  • 3 Days a Week: $55 per month


  • $10 per session

Massage Therapy

For additional information on our licensed massage therapist Kristy's services, pricing and background, please contact her.

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