Mary Page Shinholser

CF-L1 Trainer

I began CrossFit about five years ago. Prior to that, I lived on a diet of sweet tea and anything fried. It wasn’t until I graduated college I realized the life I was living was no good if I wanted longevity. My cousin did CrossFit and I saw his results, and I wanted that too. Little did I know, I would drink the “kool-aid”, become actually HEALTHY, make amazing friends, and learn so much about myself along the way. Not only has CrossFit helped me physically, it has also helped me mentally. It helped me overcome severe social anxiety and has allowed me to love myself. I care about being strong and accomplishing new things, not about the way I look. I’ve been an athlete all my life from cheerleading to track to field hockey. But nothing has been comparable to the CrossFit model! I love how a workout can be challenging yet so rewarding upon completion. I love explaining to people why we use the movements that we use and what they can do for you outside of the gym. I love the Olympic lifts and anything over head!

When I’m not working out, I work in the Addiction and Recovery field navigating individuals into treatment for Substance Use Disorder. I enjoy anything historical, spending time with my fiancé and our two dogs, and I love trying new restaurants.. We have a camping site down on the Chesapeake Bay, our home away from home. I received from undergraduate degree in history from Radford University and my Master’s Degree in education from the University of Richmond.

Come give us a try, if I could walk in those doors five years ago, I know you can too!

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