Steve Jones

CF-L1 Trainer

I own a sales representative company that represents 24 manufacturers in the commercial construction business.  I have 25 employees that cover Virginia, DC and Maryland.  I attended Longwood College and studied business management.  I have 2 kids that have graduated college and have moved on in their professional careers.  Personally, I enjoy all kinds of fitness programs but have fallen in love with CrossFit.  I have participated in several Spartan, Rugged maniac and other types of obstacle course races.  I have coached at various levels from little league softball, baseball and football all the way to college baseball.  I do believe that coaching is my biggest passion and I enjoy helping others to achieve their goals in fitness.

I started CrossFit over 3 years ago and absolutely love the workout.  Unfortunately, I had friends telling me about it several years before but I just didn’t try it.  I wish I could have discovered CrossFit 20 years ago.  In addition, I feel that the community, members of the box, is one of the biggest reasons that CrossFit has become so successful.  I want to create a family environment where everyone feels like they belong no matter what their skill level is.  I have always been a competitive person and CrossFit allows me to challenge myself every day to get better.  I have a desire to share the world of CrossFit with everyone I know.  I truly believe that CrossFit changes lives for the better.  Functional fitness is something everyone can benefit from.  I want our box to be warm and friendly but strict on points of performance and able to show results in a short period of time.

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